Duke de Richelieu Monument

The monument to Duke de Richelieu in Odessa is a bronze statue of a full-length dedicated to Armand Emmanuel du Plessis, Duc de Richelieu, which was opened on April 22, 1828 and is a hallmark of the city; it meets and sees off the court all over the world who visit the port of Odessa and is a permanent symbol of Odessa.
In 1803, Richelieu became Governor General of Odessa. Citizens of Odessa call it "our Duke" and considered it the founder of the city, although by the time it was constructed Odessa was already 8 years old. Through the efforts of the new mayor, the city became a major trading port. Also noteworthy is the pedestal of the monument, designed by the architects AI Melnikov and FK Boffo. During the bombardment of Odessa, the bas-relief on the pedestal of the monument was damaged somewhat. It was subsequently repaired, and one of the cannons was mounted on the pedestal of the monument.