Opeara and Ballet theatre

Odessa Opera and Ballet Theatre is known, not only in Ukraine, but also is considered the second most beautiful in Europe. For the first time the theater was built in 1810, but it was damaged badly in a fire in 1873. It was re-built in 1887. The project was led by Fellner and Helmer, the well-known masters of the Baroque and Rococo. In their work they imitated the works of Semper, who built the famous Dresden opera. The ornate architecture of the building and an abundance of decorative details perfectly preserved to this time could not be better suited to the purpose of theater; a shelter to serve the muses and the arts. Besides the unique architecture, the building is of interest due to unprecedented acoustics: even the quietest sound resounds through the halls without difficulty. A huge stage which, is near 500 square meters, embodies even the most ambitious productions here. It has attracted fans of opera and ballet for "seasons" in this theater, so that over the years there were Tchaikovsky, Rimsky-Korsakov, Caruso, Chaliapin and many of the famous musicians, singers and dancers of all time
Because of their size, the building constantly sags into the Odessa soft ground. Therefore, the Odessa Opera House has undergone several restorations, the last of which lasted 11 years (from 1996 to 2007).
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