Odessa is one of the brightest and most picturesque cities in Ukraine, a city rich in events and prominent people in history.
September 2nd, 1794 at the Marine shipyard Hadzhibey an event that later, the residents of Odessa will forever remember as the first line in the history of the city, took place. The military commandant of the village, the favorite of the Empress Catherine II, Jose De Ribas in the presence of a military engineer Francois de Volan and the Russian Army General Grigoriy Volkonskiy took part in the ritual of putting the tabs on the first house of the future Odessa. It has been over 200 years, and now you see the most winning of the youngest cities in the world, a city with a vibrant and glorious history, the city brilliant of theaters and museums, bustling markets and quiet streets, the city of soldiers and businessman - Odessa.
Open yours Odessa, feel the aura of originality of the city using our photo tours. We have chosen the most vivid and interesting pictures that convey the atmosphere of our wonderful city, with one purpose, to give you the opportunity to take a virtual tour of the legendary Southern Palmira. We hope you will be happy to visit historical places of the city and walk through the cozy streets: Ekaterinenskaya, Rishalevskaya and, of course, the favorite street of all the visitors and citizens of Odessa- Deribasovskaya. You will get Acquainted with the masterpieces of architecture - Opera and Ballet Theatre, with stately buildings of Preobrazhenskiy Cathedral ( Transfiguration Cathedral), the Archaeological and Naval Museums. You can walk through the beautiful in winter and summer, Primorskiy Boulevard and reach the Palace of the Count Vorontsov and see the Teschin Bridge (The Bridge of the mother-in-law), take a look at the monument to Duke de Richelieu, and the Ekaterinenskaya square. Enjoy a wonderful view overlooking the port and sea. Here you see with your own eyes one of the world's most famous landmarks, the Potemkin Stairs.
In this digital age, photos and virtual tours allow people to discover new, out-of-the-way places. This kind of "journey" certainly gives a lot of interesting and useful information, but it will never replace a simple walk. So if you have the slightest opportunity, come to Odessa and see everything with your own eyes.

There is another attraction in Odessa, which is not on the map. This is charming Odessa’s ladies. In general, Ukrainian woman is a symbol of the country, like Maidan. The delicate skin, bright eyes, brown hair, slim figure and superior intelligence – this is all about Odessa's girls