We are glad to greet you to our city. The capital of Ukraine is renowned for its great story. You can meet here very hospitable people. If you have an inclination to undertake an interesting and memorable trip to the capital of newly independent Ukraine, the do not be embarassed to to join to our web site for tourists where you can find out the attractions of Kiev. Kyiv brights with beauty with beautiful parks and historical points.
Kiev is the best city in this country. Kiev is waiting for you the most beautiful city in Ukraine. Kievan Rus had Kiev as its capital. Kiev is an old chap. The age of Kiev is more than one and a half thousand years. Kiev is located on the Dnieper River in the center of Ukraine. You will be able to examine everything that ukrainian capital can offer for tourists. We offer you fascinating adventure to Kiev, the Ukraine's capital. Kiev can suggest the unlimited things for tourism.

Go for a walk through ancient streets or visit, avenues , or visit KRESCHATYK the central street of Kyiv. Many historic buildings of Kiev are in the UNESCO World Heritage List. Kiev is not only financial centre but also largest cultural center and very pleasant place to live and visit. Kiev is a city of greatest sights of Ukraine, a city of amazing and pleasant surprises and most friendly people. Any traveller can find a lot of positive emotions.
Do not hesitate to execute a ramble over the Khreschatik Street - the insignia of Kiev with many beautiful Ukrainian women. Don't forget go through the parks and squares of Kiev, visit museums, playhouses and visit ST. ANDREW'S CHURCH or visit MARIINSKIY PALACE . In case you require to to stay for some days in Kyiv then our company can help you in finding perfect apartments for rent in Kiev. With no doubt you are free to choose a hotel in Kiev according to your financial capabilities . There are many hostels, inns and motels in Kiev which have a lot of visitors .
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