Teschin bridge (The bridge of mother �in-law)

Teschin bridge

Its original and official name was "Komsomolskiy", because it connects the Primorskiy and Komsomolskiy Boulevards (now the boulevard named after M. Zhvanetskiy) and now its name is "Teschin". There are two versions of why people called it in this way. The First says that because it was long and narrow in the city, and also is rocked by a strong wind, "just like a mother-in-law's tongue", people were joking about it.
And the second, which is more reliable, says that the bridge was built in 1968-1969 by order of the Secretary of the Odessa Regional Party Committee of the Communists, so that it was more convenient to walk to his beloved mother-in-law's house and vice versa.
Teschin Bridge was made by the architect and engineer Vladimir Kiriyenko. And is in a retro-style that fit into the classical construction. But during the construction they decided to remove all the decoration and the bridge was changed to the constructivist spirit.